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This is one investment with a guaranteed return and then some. It is your support and help in educating other community members that allows us to make each year a little better and a little healthier for our local economy, communities, and the environment we rely so much upon. Please click here to make an investment and sign up for this year’s CSA or please pass it along to friends, family, and co-workers. Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook to say in tune with seasonal happenings!

Speaking of news, how much do you know about what you are eating? Have you heard about I-522? Have you heard of GMO’s (aka Genetically Modified Organisms)? There is a big push in Washington State to have genetically modified foods labeled as GMO’s and unless your food is certified organic, there is currently no way of ensuring that it has not been genetically tampered with. Certified organic foods are so important to the future of local agriculture because they guarantee a holistic approach to its seeding, growing, harvest, and ultimately the soil it inhabits. Not to mention the wide variety of other wildlife and organisms that are affected by all our interactions with and among them. Take a look at another Terra customer’s blog, How to Feed a Henry, in which she interviewed Terra Organics owner and co-founder, Dan Hulse, about I-522 and its importance in the future of local food.

We are doing much to provide more information about organics, nutrition, and other important food news. Stay tuned to our Facebook pages and weekly reports for Terra and Tahoma’s latest developments and what we are doing in the world of local produce.

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Valencia Oranges, $1.50/lb

Avocadoes, $1.00/each

Green Chard, $2.25/bunch