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We have much to look forward to this year and great produce starts with a lot of work and preparation at the farm. Tahoma Farms has already started preparing for tomatoes in late summer! Tomatoes in the Northwest require a little extra love, as many of you may know. The sun is not always as hot or shining as bright as in other regions, so this act of love begins very early up here to give our plants time to grow to their full potential. Even then we are at the whim of Mother Nature and each year brings a little tomato anxiety. We have learned a great deal the last few years and can say with confidence our tomatoes are getting better each season. Last year was amazing as we pushed into late October with multiple tomato varieties; some beyond our own expectations. We are aiming equally high this next season! The photo below was taken one day after planting!

Tomatoes are just one of many warm weather crops we are preparing for transplant in the coming months. We invite you to keep an eye on our Tahoma Farm happenings by visiting our  Facebook page. We work very hard to keep our customers informed about the how and when of our produce, and this is a great way to stay in the know! We’d be honored if you’d “LIKE” us while visiting our page and truly flattered if you’d pass us along to your friends, families, and co-workers!
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