I spent the weekend on Lake Mayfield. It’s a glorious place to spend Memorial Day weekend, or any weekend, really.

When I’m out there, I do a lot of cooking, and it’s usually cooking for a crowd.

Entertaining during the summer doesn’t have to mean slaving over the stove while your guests are there. I find it easiest to prepare a few cold salads ahead of time, so you can enjoy your friends and family and still eat fresh, homemade food.

I recently had a similar salad to this at one of our fancy local grocery stores (I’m sure you can guess which one it is). It was so good, that I came home and tried to recreate it. I think I got fairly close, and making it at home is definitely a lot more cost effective option than buying it for astronomical prices and small portions.

If you wanted to increase the amount of vegetables used in this recipe and reduce the amount of pasta, go for it. Not into cashews? Replace them with peanuts or sunflower seeds.

A cold salad like this is perfect to take to a potluck, summer barbeque or even camping. It travels well, and since it’s vegetarian and vegan, you’re not excluding any of those folks from enjoying it.

Until our next organic adventure,



Terra Organics Produce Box Items Used:
Red bell pepper
Green onions


Asian Cashew Noodle Salad

2 large garlic cloves, chopped
3/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce
2 Tablespoons rice vinegar
1/2 cup sesame oil
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon dried hot red pepper flakes
1 1/2 cups salted roasted cashews
2 carrots, peeled and grated
1 red bell pepper, seeded, stem removed and sliced thinly
1 pound angel hair or thin spaghetti
6 green onions, sliced

Cook the spaghetti according to the package directions, being sure not to overcook. In this dish, the noodles are better al dente. When the pasta is cooked, drain it and run cold water over it to stop the cooking process.

In a food processor, add the garlic cloves, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, red pepper flakes and sugar. Process until smooth, about 30 seconds.

When the noodles have cooled, pour the sauce over them and stir to evenly coat. Add the sliced bell pepper, grated carrots, green onions and cashews and stir to combine.

Let sit refrigerated for at least 1 hour to allow the pasta to soak up the sauce.

Garnish with more cashews and a sprinkle of sliced green onion. Serve cold or at room temperature.



If you’re making this ahead of time (as in more than 6 hours in advance), don’t add the cashews until you’re ready to serve. They get soggy after a while.


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